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Batman vs Superman

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Batman vs Superman
in Down of Justice


          This idea has been around long time ago since Director Ridley Scoot work on the film ‘American Gangster’ have been publish on 2007. The film dated for release only by an apocalyptic plague. But it doesn’t have to wait for the end of the world to finally see the movie, as Zack Snyder will be delivering ‘Batman vs Superman: Down of Justice’ in 2016.




          Starting to build a large cinematic universe, Warner Bros. is making ‘Batman vs Superman: Down of Justice’ both to introduce a new take on the Caped Crusader and further more to continue the progress after ‘Man of Tomorrow’. Henry Cavill will be returning to play Clark Kent/Superman, and expected that his act will find him continuing to learn how to live up to his destiny in this earth. The fact that ‘Man of Steel’ not only the bad news for the enemy, General Zod, but also levelling half of Metropolis in the battle beforehand. From the footage we’ve seen it doesn’t look like he’s extremely uncomfortable with either his deification or the incredible amount of hate for him swelling in society.




          A month after ‘Batman vs Superman: Down of Justice’ was announced between Zack Snyder and Warner Bros, they already got the actor to play Batman/Dark Knight and the name was Ben Afflect. Assuming the new version of the Caped Crusader would be a veteran hero and he has been described as ‘tired, weary and seasoned’. For the suit look like from ‘Frank Miller’s: The Dark Knight Return’. Rumored had spread that this time, Batman has actually already gotten rid of crime in Gotham City and has basically taken the place over, but there is no evidence to currently support that claim. The truth is he was very affected by Superman’s actions in Metropolis and has a desire for revenge.


Wonder Woman


          Despite what the movie suggested, Batman and Superman won’t be the only character involved. Gadot has been cast as Princess Diana of Themyscira. She beat out both Olga Kurylenko and Elodie Yung. She also reported to sign a contract for two more Warner Bros movies (Justice League and Wonder Woman). Charles Roven as the producer has conform that Wonder Women is a semi-god, that she’s a ‘goddess’, and her father is Zeus. So, that clears up some of the speculation regarding where she comes from. In addition, she will be hundreds of years old by the time the action of Batman vs Superman begins.



          The Boy Wonder on the screen, but ever since director Christopher Nolan sidestepped Batman’s sidekick in his Bat-trilogy, we’ve been curious whether Robin ever would show up on screen again. Rumors suggesting that Sucker Punch alum Jena Malone sports the red hairdo of one Carrie Kelley, the version from Frank Miller’s (The Dark Knight Returns) – not confirmed. What is about to be is that this virsion of Batman has at least a Robin before. The costume of the famous sidekick, which is spray-painted with what appears to be an ominous message from Jared Leto’s Joker.



          Bruice Wayne has nearly unlimited access to money and consequently has all of those badass crime fighting toys. Ater the stunning Batmobile, take a look at the Batwing in the first ‘Down of Justice. Some scene have even better picture in this film. We’ve seen the armaments in action, but you have to assume this will also be a fast, well-armored, maneuverable craft in order to content with Superman abilities. This Batwing will have some powerful defense system.

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